FITS_tools.match_fits(fitsfile1, fitsfile2, header=None, sigma_cut=False, return_header=False, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]

Project one FITS file into another’s coordinates. If sigma_cut is used, will try to find only regions that are significant in both images using the standard deviation, masking out other signal


fitsfile1 : str

Offset fits file name

fitsfile2 : str

Reference fits file name

header : Header

Optional - can pass a header that both input images will be projected to match

sigma_cut : bool or int

Perform a sigma-cut on the returned images at this level


image1,image2,[header] : ndarray, ndarray, Header

Two images projected into the same space, and optionally the header used to project them

See also

this function, but for cubes