FITS_tools.match_images.match_fits_cubes(fitsfile1, fitsfile2, header=None, sigma_cut=False, return_header=False, smooth=False, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]

Project one FITS file representing a data cube into another’s coordinates.


fitsfile1 : str

FITS file name to reproject

fitsfile2 : str

Reference FITS file name. If header is specified,

smooth : bool

Smooth the HDUs to match resolution? Kernel size is determined using cube_regrid.smoothing_kernel_size


Smoothing is done in 3D to be maximally general. This can be exceedingly slow!

header : Header

Optional - can pass a header that both input images will be projected to match


image1,image2,[header] : ndarray, ndarray, Header

Two images projected into the same space, and optionally the header used to project them


ValueError :

Will raise an error if the axes are not consistent with a FITS cube, i.e. two spatial and one spectral axis.

See also

regrid a single cube This function performs a similar purpose and does the underlying work for match_fits_cubes, but it has a different call specification and returns an HDU