FITS_tools.regrid_fits_cube(cubefilename, outheader, hdu=0, outfilename=None, clobber=False, **kwargs)[source] [edit on github]

Regrid a FITS file to a target header. Requires that the FITS file and the target header have spectral and spatial overlap.

See regrid_cube_hdu and regrid_cube for additional details or alternative input options.


cubefilename : str

FITS file name containing the cube to be reprojected

outheader : Header

A target Header to project to

hdu : int

The hdu to project to the target header

outfilename : str

The output filename to save to

clobber : bool

Overwrite the output file if it exists?

kwargs : dict

Passed to regrid_cube_hdu


rgcube : PrimaryHDU

The regridded cube HDU